The Cantors’ Survey
The questionnaire was meant to be a short, easily-completed form that would cover several basic areas of the cantor’s service to the congregation, combining check-off and open-response questions. All of the questionnaires are available for viewing. They are presented here anonymously, but give a fine idea of the range of duties and attitudes of the Conservative and Reform cantors of the mid-1980s.
American Conference of Cantors
Cantors Assembly

The Congregational Survey
These questionnaires, sent to the synagogue where the cantors on the project list worked, was filled out by an unidentified person there. They congregation name has been removed.

Sample survey and accompanying letter

Congregational survey

The Rabbis’ Survey
These are the letters solicited by historian Abraham Karp from a set of fellow-rabbis. They also have been made anonymous, due to the frank nature of their contents, but offer yet another perspective on the situation of the cantor in synagogue life.