Analysis of Survey Data
Lionel Wolberger compiled and analyzed the results of the four surveys conducted for this study.  The report is available here.

Analysis of “Neqadesh” Performances
Judit Frigyesi did an analysis in 1985 entitled “Some remarks concerning the system of variation in the performance of ‘Neqades…’ for the Shabbath Shaharith Service based on 94 samples,” and she has graciously allowed its reproduction here.

Congregational Sabbath Service Reports
Lionel Wolberger, then a Wesleyan graduate student in ethnomusicology, visited a large number of Conservative congregations and took extensive notes on the structure of their Sabbath service by hand, as recording was not allowed. Though very informal in structure, these reports represent unique fieldwork data in Jewish music studies, so are included here.

Report on Non-Ashkenazic Cantors in the Los Angeles Area
This report was done by Carol Merill-Mirsky in 1985 and she has graciously allowed its reproduction here.